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Sabzi’s paintings resonate both Eastern and Western philosophies. His rich Persian heritage provides him with ancient images, sentimental Persian themes and memories of innocence. The Western source of influence comes from the modernism of Cezanne and Matisse.

Sabzi’s subjects are almost always women; beautiful, graceful, taciturn and lugubrious, they reflect solitude. The women of Sabzi’s paintings are madonna’s, modern goddesses and martyred saints whose elongated forms suggest instability and internal conflict. Their anonymous faces transform them into religious icons that transcend and defy the demands of reality. Yet, other Sabzi paintings reflect warmth, charm, happiness, and his undisputed love and admiration for women. Here the fantastic is treated as ordinary and the rich fabrics of Sabzi’s paintings assume intimate unveilings.

“My artistic inspiration, the very basis of form and color for my work, comes from my childhood memories of Persian rugs designed and weaned by my mother. As I watched her for hours creating gorgeous patterns, hues and textures, her fingers dancing across the loom, the designs and shapes of my current work took form. My creations flow from the same source of energy and creativity that inspired my mother.” – Sabzi

Sabzi acknowledges in his paintings historical, stylistic and cultural influences. The sheer luminosity of spaces contrasting sharply with the somber moods of his figures appears at first to be contrary but soon proves to be valid and potent to the viewer.

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