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Decorative Framing

For those pieces of art such as posters and open edition prints and inexpensive canvases that makes the issue of preservation and protection not the main concern of the clients, we try to maximize the beauty of the artwork by concentrating on selecting the materials that could achieve that custom framing goal without any unnecessary addition to the cost of the project.

The proper presentation of even an inexpensive decorative artwork such as a poster or open edition low cost reproduction canvas is almost as important as the selection of the piece itself. That is what makes the difference between the look of a mass produced framed piece imported from China and sold at a big box retailer or on a side walk outside a grocery store and a properly custom framed and presented decorative artwork. You do not need to have the trained eyes of a designer to distinguish between the two.

When you enter a room and wonder why the three thousand dollar sofa in the room does not look the way it should, look at the artwork hung on the wall behind that sofa!

Whatever you are framing, from a collage of family pictures to any sort of decorative art, make sure to work with a gallery or custom framer who has been in business for many years and utilizes the talent of experienced designers to advise you on the proper way of framing and displaying your pieces.

Custom framing is not just cutting four legs from a stick of molding and gluing them together. When you enter a framing gallery or a custom frame shop, make sure to look at the framed pieces on the walls which represent the talent and expertise of the people you are working with. The eighteen year old framer who has been working at a big box store for only six months or a year, most often could offer you nothing more than what he has learned in those six months or one year which is basically cutting and gluing the four legs of the frame.

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