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Artwork Installation

Proper installation of artworks is of utmost importance. The placement and appropriate spacing of artworks has a great effect on their viewing. Our designers with years of experience could help you with this final stage of purchasing and enjoying your artworks and our installers would secure your artworks hung in public areas of your office by using security hangers which makes their unauthorized removal much harder.

Following certain guidelines in the placement and installation of your artworks makes a huge difference in their viewing and the way they would fit and compliment your décor. The first and possibly the most important factor is the size of the artwork in relation to the size of the space where it is installed. You have possibly noticed a beautiful painting at your friends and relatives homes that is hung over a sofa in their living room and although it is such a beautiful piece it looks awkward because of it’s proportion to the size of the wall or the sofa under it.

The second important factor is the placement of your artwork in relation to the windows and the source of light in the room. When you hang paper art covered under glass, try not to hang it right in front of a window if you do not have to because you are not going to see anything other than the reflection of your windows for most of the day and if that is the only place where you could use your artwork consider using non-glare or museum glass.

Contact our gallery and our designers and installers would be happy to help you with this final stage of enjoying your beautiful artworks.

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