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Picture Framing is an art on its own.

Sometime when people think of Custom Framing they are under the impression that you join four legs of wood or metal and that makes a frame. There is so much more that goes into a framing job than that. Depending on what type of art is being framed there are many variations on the technical aspect of what needs to be done.

If you are custom framing a work of art on canvas or paper the whole process could be different. Even when you are framing an artwork on paper the process could vary drastically based on the value of the artwork. The process for framing a poster is totally different than framing a valuable watercolor or a limited edition print from a famous artist.

Beyond the technical aspect of custom framing, there is the whole design part of the process that needs to be dealt with and that is where the experience of a framing designer is invaluable. That is why you need the expertise of a custom frame shop or gallery with many years of experience to help you in every step of framing your valuable work of art or whatever it is that you need to have framed properly.

Art at Your Door Gallery II has been in the business of custom framing in Las Vegas for over 20 years utilizing many years of experience of its owner in interior design with an impressive portfolio of multi-million dollar homes and 40 years of combined experience of its master framers. Stop by the gallery and see us in action and check out the work of more than twenty internationally acclaimed artists.