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Q: How much does it cost to custom frame a piece?

A: The cost of custom framing in Las Vegas could vary drastically on your picture frame selection or the materials used in your custom framing job. The retail price of framing molding could vary from $2.00 a foot to more than $100.00 a foot or the cost of the types of mounting, matting, or glazing used could vary by three to four hundred percent. So don’t get mad when a custom frame shop or gallery refuses to give you an estimate over the phone before they know exactly what you want or what you are doing.

Q: Who should I use for my custom picture framing?

A: There are many different custom frame shops or galleries in Las Vegas or any other major city who are in the business of picture framing, from the big box stores to a one man small frame shop. The decision of whom you select should be based on a few different factors.

  • How important the piece is to you whether emotionally or financially?
  • Could your piece be replaced easily?
  • How important is the finished look to you and its fit in your interior design?

Based on your answer to these questions you should decide if your piece is something that could be trusted to a newbie in the business or a big box store where you see a different face every time you visit the establishment or a business with many years of experience and where you see the same people you worked with ten or twenty years ago.

Q: Do I need to do conservation framing on my artwork?

A: Again it depends on how important the piece is to you either emotionally or financially. An old irreplaceable family photo should be done in a way to maintain its condition and stop any further deterioration if it was not framed properly years ago so you would need to use at least some basic conservation framing for it. A very expensive artwork should be done with ultimate care using the best conservation materials and techniques while framing a poster does not need such care but nevertheless may need the expertise of a framing designer if you want to make it look like an important piece that would fit your décor.