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Some of the most important elements to consider in Custom Picture Framing: As everyone who has ever custom-framed a work of art or a family picture in Las Vegas knows, custom picture framing could become a quite expensive purchase. So, before dropping a few hundred dollars or even a couple of thousand dollars on your custom framing projects there are a few important factors to take into consideration.

First: How expensive is your artwork? Because the more expensive your artwork is the more careful you have to be on how the piece is being framed. You must make sure that the frame shop or the framing gallery you select is adequately experienced in handling more expensive fine art and has extensive experience in conservation and museum framing. In the past twenty some years of being in the business of custom picture framing in Las Vegas we have seen our fair share of huge mistakes made by inexperienced framers and big box stores.

Second: When you enter a frame shop or a custom framing gallery pay attention to the framing of the pieces on their walls and make sure you like what you see. Many people in the framing business do not follow the newest trends in colors or design and keep doing the same thing they have been doing forever, so sometime you end up with the look that might have been appropriate a decade or two ago.

Third: When you are price comparison shopping in Las Vegas make sure you compare apples with apples. A high end frame shop or gallery could carry very expensive hand-finished Italian frames that you may not find in a lower end place and, obviously, if you select one of them you could drastically increase the price tag of your project. Or simply the difference between using regular glass versus museum glass could be a difference of hundreds of dollars. All said, make sure to consult a professional so you do not waste a lot of money that you do not have to spend on framing a poster or cut back where you should not have done in conserving a valuable or important work of art.