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Matting and framing can take an ordinary photo and transform it into a work of art. It also protects the photo from damage and from dirt, dust, debris and handling. You can mat and frame your pictures on your own, but for best results visit the professional Las Vegas picture framing experts Art at Your Door.


Many people choose to frame and mat their art and photos because it adds an extra touch and can enhance the piece so that it becomes a complementary addition to the room’s decor. For example, you can choose a mat and frame that coordinates with the theme or color scheme of the room, or that helps to unify the various decorating elements. A mat and frame also gives a picture a polished look and draws attention to it. Adding a mat also makes the piece bigger, meaning you can use even a small photo as a primary element in your decorating scheme.


If a picture has not been framed, adding a mat allows you to handle it without touching it directly, which could transfer grime or debris to the picture and damage it. Many artists and art collectors, for example, won’t handle a picture that hasn’t been matted out of fear of compromising it.

Protection Against Moisture

Ideally, it’s best not to have a picture directly up against the glass of a frame. If there’s no space between the picture and the glass, moisture can become trapped inside and cause mildew and damage. A mat creates a buffer between the picture and the glass so that air can circulate, reducing the likelihood of mildew and other moisture-related damage. Photos can actually stick to the glass and suffer permanent damage, but a mat keeps them away from the frame so this doesn’t happen.

Overall Protection

Both frames and mats add an extra layer of protection that can guard against the accumulation of debris and against the inevitable dings and other damage associated with normal wear and tear. If your pictures are hanging on the wall, for example, without a frame they’ll probably become coated with dust unless you wipe them off often. However, frequently cleaning them increases the likelihood of accidentally damaging them. In addition, a frame can protect your picture when moving it from one place to another or if you’re packing up to move to another house.

If you want to protect your pictures from damage or simply want to enhance their appearance, consider having them professionally matted and framed by the Las Vegas picture framing experts at Art At Your Door. You’ll be amazed at the difference these seemingly simple touches make to the presentation of your pictures.