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During the past few years the severe recession that the country and in particular Las Vegas has gone through has changed the art and custom framing business landscape drastically. A huge percentage of galleries and custom frame shops have gone out of business. The number of art and custom framing galleries that had reached a high of approximately forty eight has shrunk down to around sixteen. Most of the places who were in business for less than five years and their survival was reliant on increasing the number of their clients and their sales by ten to fifteen percent a year found it almost impossible to hang in there and those who were late to adjust their expenses to face the challenges of the new reality got washed away. Now what? The days of fifty to sixty thousand people moving to Las Vegas and buying five to six thousand homes a month and improving them as much as they could are gone, at least for the foreseeable future, and the buyers and investors who are buying the sub hundred thousand dollar homes these days are not the best prospects for the art and framing business, even those catering to the lower end of the market. Also are gone the days that you could expect a new art and frame shop opening on every street corner year after year, and the majority of those few brave souls who are opening new shops these days find out that the chances of survival for a new gallery is very close to that of being hit by lightening. So here we are; the few!! , the proud!! , who survived the great recession by offering the same or even better quality of work and not by lowering our standards or by hiring less qualified framers to cut cost at the wrong places. By giving the royal treatment to our new and existing clients and showing them how much we appreciate their business, by saving them money in any and every possible way. In one word, in Art and Framing Business it is back to the everlasting basics, ExpertiseQualityValue, and Customer Service.